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Release the Beast 1

Release the Beast 1

Label: Safari Music

Release date: 2013-12-09

Catalog number: SAF112

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Release the Beast 1 DJ Mix (DJ Mix)
Mobin Master, Tate Strauss, Mobin Master, Tate Strauss
You and I (Safari Mix)
Mobin Master, Tate Strauss, Fantomen, Mobin Master
Lets Go (Dirty Ducks Remix)
Burgs, Dirty Ducks
Kazoo (Original Mix)
Bassjunk (AUS)
Most Wanted (Original Mix)
Older Grand
Booty Dip (Dirty Palm Remix)
Treyy G, Ric Stin, Dirty Palm
Work Money Party Bitches (Deorro vs Joel Fletcher Remix)
Ryan Riback, LowKiss, Joel Fletcher, Deorro
I m The Dopest (White Vox Remix)
Dario Delvegez, Treyy G, White Vox
Body & Soul (Original Mix)
Diego Marcelo
Hah Hah (Burgs Remix)
Mobin Master, Tate Strauss, Reecey Boi, Burgs
Face Up Ass down (LOWKISS remix)
LowKiss, Lumira
Dreams (Recce Low Remix)
Reece Low, Dirty Rotten Disco
Ghost Flows (Chris Bullen Remix)
Lefty, Reecey Boi, Xamplify, Chris Bullen
Flow (Mobin Master vs Tate Strauss Remix)
Lefty, Teddy Cream, Big Nab, Mobin Master, Tate Strauss
Bitch (Original Mix)
Tom Clayton, Erba
Fuck Her Right (Original Mix)
Mark Edward Hilder
Keep It Coming (Original Mix)
Mobin Master, Trifo, Alean
Red Flag (Original Mix)

First of a serious of killer compilation best of Safari’s last 100 releases and forthcoming bangers.
Features Deorro, Jeol Fletcher, Reece Low, Treyy G, BIG NAB, Xamplify and more!
With world-wide hits like “Trumpsta” and “Show Me Love”, it’s no wonder Safari is making a load of noise.
Track one is mixed by Mobin Master vs Tate Strauss, then its straight up unmixed bangers for your own dj use!